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Dispensing of Prescriptions

Uwchaled Medical Practice is a dispensing practice. This means that we have a dispensary on site which can prepare and provide all your medication.  This is different to a pharmacy.  We cannot sell medicines and don’t have a pharmacist.   All prescriptions are dispensed at the surgery in Cerrigydrudion during our opening hours.

If you live within one mile of a pharmacy, rules say that we can’t dispense your medications and you must obtain your prescriptions from your nearest pharmacy.

The Dispensary Manager and Dispensing Assistants will be able to assist you with any queries relating to your prescriptions.

How do I get my medication?

Repeat Prescription

A repeat prescription refers to the medication that you need to take on a regular basis. A 28 day’s supply of medication is given at a time.

You can request your repeat prescriptions in the following ways;

  • Online at My Health Online
  • Use the request form supplied with your medication. Place a tick in the box next to the medication required and place the form in the box on the wall by the main surgery door.  The box is emptied several times a day.
  • In person at reception.

We can’t accept requests over the telephone as this increases the risk of errors.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours (2 working days) excluding weekends and Bank Holidays, for your request to be processed.

You should always order your prescriptions in good time to make sure that you don’t run out. The dispensary team are very busy and process thousands of items a month.  Please don’t ask or expect them to prepare your prescription in less than 2 working days.

When can I collect my repeat prescription?

Acute Prescription

A prescription given to you during an appointment with the Doctor or Nurse will be dispensed immediately. After your appointment, please take the prescription to reception and take a seat whilst your medication is prepared.  If we don’t have the medication in stock, it will be ordered and will usually be available for you to collect the next day.

What is the cost?

Prescriptions in Wales are free for all.   Private prescriptions are dealt with as part of non NHS work and a fee is payable.

Medicines Waste

Millions of pounds worth of medicines are wasted each year. 

Please only order the medication that you need.  If you have stopped taking any medications, please let us know, you won’r get in trouble.

Emergency Supply

If we are closed, please contact your nearest pharmacy. The service by a pharmacy is only available in genuine emergencies and is at the pharmacist’s discretion to use their professional judgement as to whether they feel the supply is appropriate.

Medication Review

If you are taking repeat medication it will be necessary for you to see the nursing team for medication reviews.  You will need to attend every six to twelve months depending on the medication that you take.  The date that your next review is due is printed on your repeat medication slip, please take note of this date and arrange an appointment.  It does not need to be on the exact date printed.

It is very important that you attend these reviews.  If you repeatedly fail to attend for a review, you will be given a seven, rather than 28 day’s supply of your medication until you attend.  This is to safeguard you.