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Prescription collection

When will my prescription be ready for collection?

When will my prescription be ready for collection?
Request SubmittedReady to collect
MondayBefore 4.30pmThursday PM
After 4.30pmFriday PM
TuesdayBefore 4.30pmFriday PM
After 4.30pmMonday PM
WednesdayBefore 4.30pmMonday PM
After 4.30pmTuesday PM
ThursdayBefore 4.30pmTuesday PM
After 4.30pmWednesday PM
FridayBefore 4.30pmWednesday PM
After 4.30pmThursday PM
Weekend Thursday PM
Bank HolidayFriday PM

Why does is take this long?

There’s a lot more to preparing your prescription than reaching for a box of medicine, printing a label, sticking it on the container and bagging.

The prescription has to follow a process whereby it’s printed, checked by the doctor, signed and returned to the queue to be dispensed.  We also need to order and receive the stock from our wholesaler.

We have daily deliveries from our wholesalers to ensure that we can dispense prescriptions in a timely manner, however there are occasions when items of medication are unavailable or delayed.  Medication becoming out of stock or taking a long time to arrive is an increasing problem and therefore it’s especially important that you request your prescriptions in good time.

If the medication you need is unavailable long term, the GP might make a change to your medication or we might give you the prescription to take to a pharmacy.


If we have your consent to send text messages and your mobile number on the system we’ll send you a text when your prescription’s ready for collection, otherwise, please wait until the full processing period has passed before coming to collect.

Please remember that medicines in the hands of children are dangerous and for this reason we will not hand over your dispensed medications to children or young people under the age of 16 years who may be collecting on your behalf.

If the prescription isn’t collected within six weeks the prescription will be removed from the shelf and an entry made in your medical record to note that it wasn’t collected.  If you then need the item, you’ll need to request again.

Date published: 1st February, 2023
Date last updated: 1st February, 2023