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If you are a patient that does not communicate comfortably in English or Welsh, or are deaf or hard of hearing we can arrange an interpretation service for you.

Please note: It is important that you let the staff know as soon as possible before your appointment, which interpretation services you require, these can then be booked in advance.

Service available

There are a variety of options available for obtaining interpretation services; these are listed below. Depending on your circumstances and information being conveyed, either a single or a combination of available options may need to be used:
  • Telephone Interpretation Services – can be carried out at the time of appointment in all languages.  This type of service is useful when conveying short or routine medical information. This Service is a three-way telephone conference facility which provides almost immediate access to skilled, trained registered interpreters.
  • Face to Face Interpretation Services – can be carried out in all languages.  If a bi-lingual healthcare professional is not available, a registered interpreter can be contacted.  These are professional interpreters who maintain a strict code of confidentiality and are skilled in interpreting.
  • Interpretation Services are available for Deaf or Hard Of Hearing (BSL) There are a range of communication support services available to meet the needs of service users who may have a sensory impairment. These include British Sign Language (BSL), and Deaf blind interpretation.  
  • Welsh Language Translation – If Welsh is your first Language and you feel more comfortable communicating in the medium of Welsh.  Welsh translators can be provided for your appointment.

The service is provided by The Wales Interpretation and Translation Service (WITS) which sources and allocates professional interpreters and translators for public sector application.  https://www.wits.wales/

Date published: 6th November, 2019
Date last updated: 6th November, 2019