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Welsh GP Record

Key health information from the records your GP keeps about you will be available to support your direct care in hospital, at outpatient WGPR Diagramappointments, in an emergency and in the community.

Health professionals caring for you in Wales can see a summary of important information, such as your current medication, recent tests and allergies straight away. It will save you having to try and remember this information, help them make important decisions about your care and reduce unnecessary repeat tests such as blood tests and x-rays.

Only the people looking after you can see your information and only with your permission.  And we will check on who, when and how they look at your record.

For more information please visit Welsh GP record

If you don’t want this summarised version of your information to be available outside your GP surgery please let us know.


Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 6th November, 2019