Uwchaled Medical Practice

Reception phone line: 8:00am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday

Dispensary phone line: 10.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Registering as a Patient

We welcome requests to register with the practice from anyone who lives within our practice boundary.

How to Register

Permanent Patient

To register, simply complete the following 3 forms

**please remember to include your NHS number.  (It can be obtained from your current practice)

  1. Registration Form GMS1W
  2. New patient health questionnaire
  3. Communication consent form

For you to get the best out of the practice and to understand how we work, please take time to read our practice leaflet and browse this website.

We also encourage you to join our Facebook page where we regularly post updates about the practice and it’s services, health information and any urgent messages.

If you move house and then reside outside of our practice area, you cannot remain as a patient unfortunately and you’ll need to register with a new practice as soon as possible.

If you are on any regular medication please ensure you have received sufficient supply from your previous practice before registering as we may not be able to issue a repeat prescription immediately.

Temporary Patient

Any GP can treat you as a temporary patient if you are away from home for longer than 24 hours.  Your best course of action however is to call NHS 111 Wales, where a Nurse Adviser will be able to advise and assist.  All temporary patients will need to complete a temporary registration form when they attend the practice.

If you’re going to be away from home for 3 months or more you should register with a GP at your new address as soon as possible.

Details of any treatment received whilst a temporary patient will be sent to your regular GP practice for their records

New Patient Health Check

Once registered you’ll be invited for a new patient check with the Healthcare Assistant.

This appointment enables us to collect some basic medical information about you before your medical records arrive from your previous practice.

You’ll be asked some questions about your lifestyle and family history, measure your height and weight, take your blood pressure and do blood tests.  If needed you’ll be offered advice and referral to help with smoking cessation, weight management and alcohol.

Transfer of Medical Records

Once registered a request is made to your previous practice for your medical records.  Please be aware that the transfer from one practice to another can take a number of weeks with the transfer between England and Wales taking a particularly longtime.


If you are a patient at the practice and go away from home to attend university, you would normally register with a new GP practice near to where you are living.  Please understand that when you do this, it means that you are no longer a patient at this practice and all the records which we hold for you are transferred to the new practice and you become inactive on our system.   When you are back home during  holidays, we can see you as a temporary patient but we won’t have access to your medical records.

Changing Practice

If you decide that you want to change practice, you don’t have to tell us or give us an explanation.


Date published: 20th November, 2019
Date last updated: 12th December, 2023