Uwchaled Medical Practice

Reception phone line: 8:00am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday

Dispensary phone line: 10.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Clinics and Services

We provide a wide range of services and clinics for patients at our practice.

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Making an appointment We run all our surgeries by an appointment-only system. Appointments can be booked in a number of ways On-line via My Health Online Sending a query via ... [continue] Appointments

Babies and Children

It can be very difficult to decide if your baby or child needs to see a GP. Children can seem unwell and then recover quickly or they can become unwell ... [continue] Babies and Children


Our clinics are run by the Practice Nurse and Healthcare Assistants. We have a flexible approach to clinics and as such they are not held on particular days or times.  ... [continue] Clinics

Communicating with Patients

It’s very important that we can easily communicate with our patients and the sending and receiving of text messages is a key part of our service. Text Messaging We offer ... [continue] Communicating with Patients

Dental Problems

GP’s are not trained to assess and treat dental problems. If you need urgent dental treatment outside of your dentist’s opening hours including the weekend and bank holidays, or if ... [continue] Dental Problems

District Nurses

The District Nurse’s work is aimed at those people who are unable to travel to their GP surgery or when assessment and/or treatment in the home is more appropriate.  If ... [continue] District Nurses

Minor Injuries

We offer a minor injury service during our normal opening hours.  This applies to both adults and children. If you have suffered a minor injury please call the practice for ... [continue] Minor Injuries

Minor Surgery

If you require minor surgery, for example for the removal of a toe nail or wart, you will first need to make an appointment with the GP to discuss the ... [continue] Minor Surgery

NHS Health Information

There is plenty of information to help you manage your health on the NHS Direct Wales website. These buttons will take you to different sections of NHS Direct Wales and ... [continue] NHS Health Information

Online Services

We encourage all patients with digital access to register for online services. Not only does it help us, but also offers patients the convenience to view, book and cancel appointments ... [continue] Online Services


** There is no need to see the GP first ** If you feel that you are suffering from a musculoskeletal complaint that could benefit from physiotherapy, you are now ... [continue] Physiotherapy


Please see information pages below showing how to order and collect your prescriptions.


If the GP or Practice nurse wants you to see another medical professional about your condition or health problem, they will make a referral to a service at the hospital. ... [continue] Referrals


The screening programme in Wales is ran by Public Health Wales. Screening is a way of finding out if people are at higher risk of a health problem, so that ... [continue] Screening

Sexual Health / Contraception

Contraception The Doctor or Practice Nurse can provide advice on contraception.  As well as the traditional ‘pill’ we offer contraceptive injections and the fitting of coils. Sexual Health If you have ... [continue] Sexual Health / Contraception

Sick Note

A Doctor’s Note or Sick Note is now called a ‘Fit Note‘ Illness for less than 7 days If you are unwell and absent from work for 7 days or ... [continue] Sick Note


If you are considering, or are ready to quit, book and appointment with the Practice Nurse or healthcare assistant, who are able to give advice, help and support on smoking ... [continue] Smoking

Specimens and Samples

Urine Infection A urine infection might seem like a simple condition with straight forward treatment; however, such infections can be extremely serious.  We cannot stress enough how important it is ... [continue] Specimens and Samples

Test Results

It is the patient’s responsibility to contact the practice to obtain test results e.g. blood, urine, x-ray.  The results take time to reach us and to be checked by the ... [continue] Test Results

Transport to Appointments

Fflecsi Bus The local fflecsi bus can help with transportation to and from the practice.  fflecsi buses can pick you up and drop you off in a service area and ... [continue] Transport to Appointments

Travel Advice and Immunisations

If you are planning to travel or work abroad, it is very important that you look after yourself and take all the necessary precautions to protect your healthy while you’re ... [continue] Travel Advice and Immunisations

Who Should I See?

When you are unwell, the first thing to ask is…”can I take care of myself?” There are many ways to access services and it is also important to remember that ... [continue] Who Should I See?

Young People

Seeing a GP or Nurse Alone As a child it is normal to have visited the GP with an adult. As children grow older, they might want to start coming ... [continue] Young People

Date published: 28th August, 2014
Date last updated: 1st February, 2023